Contributing to OpenMMLab

All kinds of contributions are welcome, including but not limited to the following.

  • Fixes (typo, bugs)

  • New features and components


  1. fork and pull the latest OpenMMLab repository (mmclassification)

  2. checkout a new branch (do not use master branch for PRs)

  3. commit your changes

  4. create a PR

Note: If you plan to add some new features that involve large changes, it is encouraged to open an issue for discussion first.

Code style


We adopt PEP8 as the preferred code style.

We use the following tools for linting and formatting:

  • flake8: A wrapper around some linter tools.

  • yapf: A formatter for Python files.

  • isort: A Python utility to sort imports.

  • markdownlint: A linter to check markdown files and flag style issues.

  • docformatter: A formatter to format docstring.

Style configurations of yapf and isort can be found in setup.cfg.

We use pre-commit hook that checks and formats for flake8, yapf, isort, trailing whitespaces, markdown files, fixes end-of-files, double-quoted-strings, python-encoding-pragma, mixed-line-ending, sorts requirments.txt automatically on every commit. The config for a pre-commit hook is stored in .pre-commit-config.

After you clone the repository, you will need to install initialize pre-commit hook.

pip install -U pre-commit

From the repository folder

pre-commit install

Try the following steps to install ruby when you encounter an issue on installing markdownlint

# install rvm
curl -L | bash -s -- --autolibs=read-fail
[[ -s "$HOME/.rvm/scripts/rvm" ]] && source "$HOME/.rvm/scripts/rvm"
rvm autolibs disable

# install ruby
rvm install 2.7.1

Or refer to this repo and take according its instruction.

After this on every commit check code linters and formatter will be enforced.


Before you create a PR, make sure that your code lints and is formatted by yapf.

C++ and CUDA

We follow the Google C++ Style Guide.

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